Frequently Asked Questions


  1.  Can you carry passengers in your vehicles?
    Sorry but we are not insured to carry passengers commercially.
  2. If I have an accident/injury will you be able to pick me up and take me to my accommodation?
    In emergency situations it may be possible but in extreme cases contact the emergency services. It may be that a taxi service will be required for the remainder of your holiday.
  3. Can you help me organise my accommodation?
    Yes, we can offer local knowledge of suitable places for overnight stops. Our accommodation page lists accommodation used by our customers together with links to the Offa’s Dyke Association, Wye Valley Walk Partnership, National Trails and Long Distance Walking Association websites.  Feel free to drop us an email if you are struggling to source accommodation and we will help! When you book accommodation, let us know where and when, so we can advise them that we will be collecting and delivering your bags.
  4. Are any of the accommodation providers dog friendly?
    Yes, there are providers along the Offa’s Dyke Path and Wye Valley Walk who indicate that they accept dogs.
  5. If I need any walking equipment, either because I have forgotten something or I need a replacement, are there any walking equipment shops?
    Yes. There are a number of walking equipment shops in the area.
  6. If I change my accommodation provider last minute or during my holiday, can you still deliver my bags?
    Yes, providing you contact us as soon as possible, preferably in writing i.e. email or text and ensure that your new accommodation provider is expecting us.
  7. What do you mean by one bag?
    One bag can be a rucksack, holdall or suitcase that is securely closed and weighs no more than 20kgs. We do weigh bags as a matter of health and safety policy with regard to our staff.
  8. Are there any items that you won’t/cannot carry?
    We can only carry bags weighing no more than 20kgs.  We are not insured to carry laptops, tablets, phones, expensive clothing and jewellery, musical instruments, glass, or other breakable items.  The maximum value of bag and contents should not exceed £250.
  9. If we are not staying overnight at the start and end of the walk, how will you pick up and return our luggage?
    We can arrange to meet you on the morning of your arrival at the train or bus station, National Express bus stops or near your long stay car park in Chepstow. As we cannot guarantee that we will be in the area at the end of your walk we can suggest alternative arrangements.
  10. Can I get general advice about our walking holiday from you?
    Yes of course!  We know the area well and David has walked extensively in the area and has completed the Offa’s Dyke Path and part of the Wye Valley Walk so he can answer all sorts of questions. Just give us a call or send an email.
  11. What time will you pick up and deliver our luggage?
    We aim for a 9.30am pick up at our first stop, earlier by arrangement and a 4pm delivery. In reality we often deliver them earlier. As we cover the entire southern sections of both paths we plan our routes carefully for each day, often starting at different points. We would therefore advise that you have your luggage ready for 9.30am in the event that you are the first pick up.
  12. Do I need to arrange pick up/delivery times with my accommodation providers?
    No, leave that to us. Just let your accommodation providers know that we will be dropping off and picking up your luggage.
  13. Do I have to wait with my luggage?
    No, you don’t. The usual method is for you to leave your bags and we will collect them from the accommodation provider, however   very occasionally an accommodation provider may have a particular issue on the day which can make this difficult, in these cases you / they     will need to call us. There is always a solution like a key code or a locked garage or outhouse!
  14. Can I use my credit/debit card throughout my holiday or will I need  to bring cash?
    It is always advisable to bring some cash. Sections of the walk do not pass through towns or may not have any cash points in the smaller villages. Some restaurants/shops may only accept cash and in any event it is always advisable.
  15.  Do I need travel insurance?
    Travel insurance is always recommended for any holiday whether you are travelling within the UK or from overseas.  It will reimburse you if you   lose your money and pay compensation if you have to cut short or cancel your holiday through injury or illness. It is essential that you hold   insurance for your baggage and contents. See our Terms and Conditions.
  16. Do you operate all year round?
    Recent floods are a good example of why it can prove tricky in Autumn/Winter.  It is more usual for customers to book between May and October but we operate from end of March to mid October.